How to get hwinfo to start as a minimized task


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I have a third-party app, Pitikapp, that suggests using hwinfo with it and I very much would like to do so. The app Pitikapp seems to get its data from a task such as msiafterburner. If msiafterburner is not running as a task, pitikapp will not see it and then no data. I have no issues with msiafterburner. It starts minimized as a task on startup every time, no drama. Same for pitikapp, and the two apps work wonderfully together.

I cannot configure hwinfo to run as a minimized task on startup. I have tried with both the last two versions, uninstalled and reinstalled them countless times, played around with the startup options in every conceivable way, but no joy. Confusing the issue, I have gotten hwinfo to run that way a couple of times, and then pitikapp was able to get data from it. But I don't know what I did to make it work. I have also seen it appear for just a second in task manager, but then just as quickly it disappears.

Can you help?
In the startup screen, enable "Sensors only". In the HWiNFO settings, enable "Minimize Sensors on Startup". The corresponding items in HWiNFO64.ini (or HWiNFO32.ini) are

Is your problem that HWiNFO doesn't automatically start at all or it doesn't start as minimized?