how to read APU power consumption properly?


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i know how to read total power comsumption of a CPU and a GPU. for that, i just added "CPU Package Power" and "GPU ASIC Power" in sensors together, to have a value for rough orientation on how much it consumes. i am a little bit confused how to do it for an APU (basically a cpu with a graphic card integrated, like a ryzen 7 5700G for aeample). do i need to add cpu package power and gpu asic power together, too? like.. are both values seperate? at first it looked logical to add both together, but when i made a stress test, both values went over 50-60W each, and that would be 100-120W in total. while the CPU should only consume 65W in total actually.

so, during full use, can the consumption go over 65W because of the GPU part (in this case even doubled)? (its not overclocked btw). or did i just read hwinfo wrong here? basically, my question is, how do i find out the total power consumption of an APU (like ryzen 7 5700g), which includes cpu usage plus integrated gpu usage?

do i check only CPU Package Power values,
or do i check only GPU ASIC Power values
or do I check both by adding them together to get the total comsumption value?

(i am asking this, because when having a normal CPU with a normal PCIe GPU, you obviously have to check both and add them together to have total cpu+gpu consumption values. but i wasnt sure how this works with an APU, that has integrated gpu built into the cpu itself.)

EDIT: okay, by now I found some older threads here on this forum, which kind of answer my question. according to here1 and here2, either CPU Package Power, or CPU PPT, or alternatively APU STAPM are enough to check the APU's total power (one of these values, not all 3 together). there seems to be no need to add GPU ASIC Power into the calculation. i hope this is still up to date and right what I found in older threads. if it is not too much to ask, I wouldnt mind if anyone who knows better can confirm, that these information are still up to date and thus right.
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...while the CPU should only consume 65W in total actually.
Actually no...
TDP is not the max power consumption of the entire CPU package (PPT)

On 5000series CPUs designated as:

105W TDP have a default max limit of 142W (PPT)
65W TDP have a default max limit of 75W or 88W (PPT)

I know for sure that 5600X is a 75W PPT CPU. I think that 5700 family CPUs are 88W PPT, so this should be your max package consumption (CPU cores + iGPU + SOC).
Now you may see a different number on PPT than 88W and that depends on the type of load or on the temp of the CPU parts or the Power Reporting Deviation that the board may "create".

As said TDP is not the max consumption of a CPU. It means Thermal Design Power and (for AMD) more or less is an indicator of minimum thermal solution for the CPU so that cooler manufacturers can know what minimum specs their products should have.