How to see the System Info / Summary ?


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Hey guys,

This seems like a stupid question, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the system info / summary window to pop-up again. I wanted only the sensors to auto start and show in the system tray, so I managed that by setting the options like in the picture below (now that I see it, the "Show System Summary on Startup" was always selected anyway, but nothing aside the systray icons run on start-up):


So far so good, but now I can't figure out how to access / see the System Information panel, you know with all the info and stuff. Whenever I run the app it appears to do nothing new since it's already running in Sensor mode. If I close it from SysTray and launch it again it just shows the systray sensor icons again like on system startup.

Anything obvious I'm missing here ? I can't believe I'm not figuring this out. Thanks !
I suppose the problem is that you have the Sensors-only mode enabled and due to Auto Start the "Show Welcome Screen and Progress" option is disabled and thus you don't get the screen where you could deactivate the Sensors-only mode.
There are more solutions to this:
- you can enable the "Show Welcome Screen and Progress" option and upon a new start you get the choice to disable the Sensors-only mode, or
- you can deactivate the Sensors-only mode by editing the HWiNFO64.INI file (using Notepad or similar) and change the SensorsOnly value to 0 (SensorsOnly=0).
Thanks, I will try it when I get home. Normally just the sensors is what I want, thought there'd be some option to open the system info screen just to check something now and then.
This is great and old issue. Many of us (or maybe just me) run the professional version mostly for sensor monitoring. However, every once in a while; we may want to use the system in order to get system information of the device that is being monitored.

Having to go through and disable the sensor mode and turn it back on just to do that; seems so cumbersome.

One would think a single button in sensory only mode to print system summary would be awesome. Now, I am sure the issue may be a limitation of the modes that the software is in and the hardware listener; however, that would be an awesome thing.

When Sensor-only mode is activated HWiNFO doesn't perform several hardware queries that are not used in this mode to speed up the hardware scan/startup.
So going from Sensor-only mode to full mode would require a new system rescan anyway.
As I thought. That makes sense. Would be awesome if you can launch an additional copy. Maybe I will rename a copy ;P

Thanks for info


love the software, using it daily for sensors and always when I need system details

I would like to be another person to find this a bit unfortunate
Could there be just a button somewhere which would just do the thing (but only once so second pc restart it will be without summary) and restart the app so I can quickly look at the system summary?
I always get lost in the settings fishing for the correct thing to select because its not like selecting 1 thing and it will be offered, its select the thing, save and restart and if you don't remember which setting is hiding it then you are out of luck and can google it again as right now because "show system summary on startup" was not it it was "show welcome screen and progress" to uncheck the sensors only setting