How to see the System Info / Summary ?


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Hey guys,

This seems like a stupid question, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the system info / summary window to pop-up again. I wanted only the sensors to auto start and show in the system tray, so I managed that by setting the options like in the picture below (now that I see it, the "Show System Summary on Startup" was always selected anyway, but nothing aside the systray icons run on start-up):


So far so good, but now I can't figure out how to access / see the System Information panel, you know with all the info and stuff. Whenever I run the app it appears to do nothing new since it's already running in Sensor mode. If I close it from SysTray and launch it again it just shows the systray sensor icons again like on system startup.

Anything obvious I'm missing here ? I can't believe I'm not figuring this out. Thanks !


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I suppose the problem is that you have the Sensors-only mode enabled and due to Auto Start the "Show Welcome Screen and Progress" option is disabled and thus you don't get the screen where you could deactivate the Sensors-only mode.
There are more solutions to this:
- you can enable the "Show Welcome Screen and Progress" option and upon a new start you get the choice to disable the Sensors-only mode, or
- you can deactivate the Sensors-only mode by editing the HWiNFO64.INI file (using Notepad or similar) and change the SensorsOnly value to 0 (SensorsOnly=0).


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Thanks, I will try it when I get home. Normally just the sensors is what I want, thought there'd be some option to open the system info screen just to check something now and then.