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It was just a coincidence. It didn't want to display at all today, after 10-15 minutes, it just started working. The warning is not consistent, sometimes you get it, other times, you don't.
Was able to capture a screen shot of both HPFC &HWInfo when the fan came on.


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Cmp_Cmndo said:
It's now functioning completely differently from yesterday. When started, Sensor Warning message appears every time. It shows HP EC, but all columns are blank. After 3-4 times of exiting & starting, it finally started to display. I can't see the window when I start typing, so it could change & I wouldn't catch it. Have enabled, "show in tray" for this 1 item only. It's now refusing to display any values at all, now just disable sensor.

Today it only functions properly if HWInfo is loaded prior to HPFC. Have yet to see a "crazy" value.

I'm afraid the conflict between HPFC & HWInfo renders HWInfo useless for fan monitoring. Since HPFC only turns the fan on when necessary, it has a greater functionality for me.

It started working properly again after deleting Microsoft Office 2010 Starter. This seems to be a very stubborn program to uninstall, MS even has a special Fix for deletion. Several services were deleted & registry was scrubbed. Am using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

I don't think the conflict was with HPFC but with MS Office Starter 2010, specifically, MS Office Click to Run. Everything seems to be running normally, now.

If you have a good amount of experience with PC hardware monitoring programs, both provided by the PC/mother board manufactures, and third party software, you'll find it is quite common for bad data (insane readings) to be received by at least one of two concurrently running monitoring programs.

Intel's own Intel Desktop Utility (IDU), which provides component temperatures, fan speed readings, and voltages for mother boards manufactured by Intel is a perfect example of this. You would think whom would know better than Intel how to read and interpret data from their CPUs, chipsets, etc, yet IDU, when run concurrently with SpeedFan, HWiNFO, etc, will display random, irrational values, and trigger false alarms for low fan speeds, voltages being out of range, and high temperatures. IMO, it is the worst hardware monitoring software I have ever used.

IMO the ironic thing is, it is the software provided by mother board manufactures that is most likely to be susceptible to bad data than the third party programs. Why concurrently running programs cause this to happen can be explained by Martin far better that I can, but I do know I have seen it happen over and over, with all kinds of different hardware and programs. I'm at the point where I'm afraid to ever have multiple monitoring/control programs running concurrently, given the way data is corrupted in that situation.

My point is, it is not HWiNFO that is uniquely at fault in yours and other situations. Given all the monitoring programs I have used, IMO HWiNFO is the best, and is the one I use most of the time.


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Running multiple hardware monitoring tools concurrently can cause such issues - just imagine one tool sends the hardware a request to ask for "temperature 2" and waits for result. Another tool at the same time sends a request for "voltage 3" to the same chip. Now the hardware can do all sorts of things like discarding one request, or the other application might get the temperature value instead of voltage, etc... This is just a very simplified scene just to explain why this happens...
That's why we (authors of system analysis and monitoring tools) decided to introduce synchronization mechanisms to avoid such situation. So when one tool wants to read values from HW it acquires a global mutex in system and releases it after completing the operation. This works well if all participants (tools) support and handle these mutexes properly. Unfortunately there are still application which don't support this (probably including IDU, HPFC, ASUS AI Suite).. Large vendors like Intel, ASUS won't simply follow some kind of 'agreement' developed by small ones..
There used to be a page listing all tools which support these mechanisms to allow concurrent monitoring at TPU, but it was deleted at some point and we didn't have a full backup. It included tools like HWiNFO, AIDA, CPU-Z, SIV, GPU-Z, EVGAPrecision, MSIAfterburner, SpeedFan, etc.....


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Martin, Thanks for the explanation about mutex, I'm not surprised about the lack of cooperation by manufactures. Yet in their forums when the issues with their software is discussed, and they look like idiots, nothing changes. I've read replies from an IDU developer in Intel's forum, struggling to make things right. I imagine he is stuck with a verdict from far above him. :(


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When we asked ASUS to implement such synchronization into AI Suite, their response was like: "There's no reason for anybody to run more that one monitoring tool at same time." ;) So that was the end of discussion...
Maybe the author of HPFC might be willing to implement this kind of synchronization.. He can contact me for implementation details.


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My German is quite well, but I can't find him. Maybe the tool contains a contact?


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No contact info in the tool or the instructions.
Some insight to user involvement with the tool is here (they tried to use Aida64 & SpeedFan, but no mention of HWInfo):


and here: http://www.computerbase.de/

You might be able to find him with an email to the school administration, he is using their computer servers for his website.
You could probably guess his email: schmitzr at uni-marburg.de
Inquire if he is known as troubadix.
Sending him 1Euro via his website would probably do it, too (LOL).


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123 HP Setup

I recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv7-4031. When it's cool, it works smoothly and efficiently. However when CPU and GPU temperatures reach 60c and above, the PC starts freezing up and stuttering. I can hear that the fan speeds steadily increase all the way up to 70-80c. This is what pisses me off: I want the fan speeds to run 100% all the time, perhaps preventing the high temperatures in the first place. The way it is now, fan speeds only increase to keep internal temperatures at above 60c.

I've searched all over for any sort of speed control, finding nothing. Any help appreciated.