HP ZBook 17 G1 CPU Fan RPM Speed not showing up


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So I had been recently overclocking a little on my GPU, but My laptop heats up so bad, so i wanted to see a stable Overclock temperature and control cpu fan speed, i can see GPU Temps, but i also want to see the Fan RPM to see if the Laptop isn't forcing too much, but when i install Hwinfo64, i open up Sensors, and nothing shows up about CPU Fan RPM neither CPU Fan Control (Little fan at the botton), so i tried using NoteBook Fancontrol that i used on my old HP 8760w laptop for cpu Fan speed, also didn't had my Laptop configuration, so i used the HP 8760, and it actually made the cpu fan go at the speeds i want but only as far from 65%, i want to use 100% so i can get a better overclock of my GPU, but i can't since HWinfo isn't getting my CPU fan sensor or related, 

My Laptop is a HP ZBook 17 G1 workstation laptop,
oh well, thanks for the response, ill try to do some research now, I use this software when im fixing other laptops, Love it! 11/10