HWINFO 5.46 freezes on startup


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HWINFO freezes while scanning the drives. It's unkillable & I have to reboot to get rid of it.
I've included the debug file.
I turned off HD Sentinel, with no change.
It works on all of my other computers, some with even more drives.


This freeze seems to happen when HWiNFO asks the storage drivers for drive details. It uses standard queries, but in this case probably one of the drivers (might be the LSI) doesn't properly handle such query.
Such problem can be worked around by disabling Drive Scan in HWiNFO, but this will completely skip all drive detection.
I use the same LSI SAS cards & drivers on other systems with no problem, both on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012.
This server has a HP SAS Expander between the LSI HBAs and the drives. Could that be a problem? Other servers have (different?) SAS expanders and work fine.
There  is also a "BCM57710 NetXtreme II 10 GegE iSCI Adapter", which is not on any of the other servers and which I don't use. I disabled it (but didn't uninstall it) in Device Manager, but HWINFO still froze.
Is it possible to tell from the debug file which device is the problem?
The Debug File you attached indicated the freeze happened during scan of the LSI adapter, but such this kind of issues can sometimes no provide accurate indication where it happened, because when a storage driver freezes, the debug file might sometimes not be completely written. Did you have the "Debug Write Direct" option enabled ?
I have also noticed the rather unusual "bxois" storage driver, which should belong to the Broadcom adapter and also thought this might be the reason. Can you attach another debug file when the Broadcom adapter is disabled ?