HWinfo - 5.56-3230 Turns of Corsair PSU Fan!!

I'm running Corsair Link4 to power up the PSU fan during summer. It's hot here in SoCal.

Each time HWinfo starts it turns off the PSU fan if it's been running.

Corsair Link 4 -
HWinfo 5.56.3230

PS: As a rant, why don't EVGA and Corsair do the right thing and allow us to set fan profiles w/out having to have their software running at the start. For sure EVGA can do it with xoc, cause you can change the default lighting and it remains from session to session w/out running the software. They just want to steal some computer cycles... (And why can't the sensor monitoring be turned off except maybe for their own items.

cheers, thanks very much,
<<Does this problem also happen if you close CL4 and then start HWiNFO ?>>

Yes, seems to. I have them both run at Windows startup. CL4 is nice enough to keep the fan running when you close the software (unlike EVGA XOC, which shuts down the fans / OC if you exit the program). However, the fan does not startup after SLEEP, so one needs to leave CL4 running for that reason.

I've tried some combos just now, each case the Sensor windows shuts down the CL4 fan w/or without CL4 running. Further I closed XOC to see if that was effecting things but the sesnor windows was turning off the fan. IE: I can close the sensor window only, then access the HWiNFO main screen or right-click the icon from the System Tray to open sensors and the fan goes off.

One oddity: On one test HWiNFO had a GPF and Windows shut it down. Then starting and stopping did not effect the fan, and the sensor items looked OK. Tried it a few times. Then rebooted and it was back to the fan shutting down when the sensors fired up.
Well, this is really interesting. Can you please attach the HWiNFO Debug File of situation when you start HWiNFO sensors and it shuts down the fan ?
OK, I've attached the two files requested. I think I got it right. I had HWi off with Corsair running. Started HWi and waited quite a while for it to load. Saw the new file. Clicked on Report and created one. Let me know if I need to do it different / etc...

thanks for your time.
Thanks for the Debug File. I analyzed it, but haven't found anything suspicious there - HWiNFO performs only read requests and doesn't explicitly change the fan speed. So I'm still puzzled why this happens.
Please try the following:
- Make sure you're not running any other monitoring tool including the CL software and then start HWiNFO
- If the problem still happens, please try to disable the PSU sensors in HWiNFO (by hitting the Del key over the sensor) and check whether disabling some of them will fix the problem
Please let me know the results.