HwInfo 5.72 Crashes on Scan, Asus ROG GL702ZC


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Laptop is Asus ROG GL702ZC with Ryzen 7-1700 CPU and Radeon RX 580 GPU, running Win10 Home x64 Build 1709.  The motherboard uses the B350 chipset.  All drivers are newest available, and the system BIOS is version 303, the latest available as well.  I'll try to include as much detail as possible:

The laptop is a brand new purchase and I found right away that I could not launch HwInfo64 on this machine because it crashes during the system scan.  As a diagnostic measure, I tried disabling everything you can disable or skip scanning in HwInfo64's settings dialog, with no change in behavior.

I've seen functional HwInfo64 screenshots posted online from other owners of the same laptop, but I noticed their program versions were older than mine. My HwInfo64 EXE reports version 5.72.3333.0 but the newest version I've seen running in a screenshot is 5.70.  I don't have 5.70 available for test but I was able to dig up version 5.46 from a toolbox flash drive I'd created a year ago - and it runs.  It runs fine with no issues discovered so far.

I'm including my DBG file from the crashing version 5.72, as instructed.  The older version does work fine for now but I would prefer to run a current updated program if the issue can be resolved.
Thanks a lot guys!!
As first, please try the latest HWiNFO Beta v5.73. If that still crashes, please attach the Debug File (I can't see one attached yet).