HWiNFO causing disk activity, can't find source.


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HWiNFO is causing constant disk activity on my 3 TB external HDD. I have disabled monitoring of the drive and can't see anything else related that could still be polling. When I exit HWiNFO the disk activity light returns to a steady light from a blinking activity light so it appears it is HWiNFO still causing the activity.
Are you perhaps running HWiNFO in Debug Mode or with sensor logging ?
Also does disabling Drive Scan in HWiNFO solve the problem ?
Not in Debug Mode and not logging either, just have sensors open. Where is the Drive Scan toggle located?
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data so I can see what exactly is happening there.
Thanks. Unfortunately I don't see anything suspicious there either. So I suggest to disable all sensors one by one (their headings) and see if you find the one causing the issue.
Please let me know the result.
It appears that the Seagate Expansion drive's Read/Write sensors don't show in HWiNFO when the Drive Scan is on the default Low-level IO Access but appears when Drive Scan is disabled?? It was the Read/Write sensors that were causing the disk polling but weren't visible, even in the layout settings. Now that I have disabled the Seagate Read/Write heading while in Drive Scan disabled mode it seems to no longer be an issue when I return and run HWiNFO in the default Drive Scan mode. Must be some bug with the Seagate drive?
Yes, that looks like some problem with the drive or its drivers. Disk Activity readout (Read/Write stats) is based on standard Windows functions that should not cause such issues and just provide the statistics counters.
The drive should be plug and play, no drivers. I'm running a clean Fall Creators update installation and the only thing I can think of is that the correct USB drivers haven't been loaded. How else could it be an issue with the drive?
Hi Martin,

I have encountered another issue. You've implemented monitoring of the EVGA GTX 1080 Ti iCX sensors which is really nice but what's happening is that it is sometimes starting with HWiNFO and sometime's isn't. Are you aware of that?
No, I'm not aware of that. Are you able to determine when it starts with and without ?
Also a Debug File of the case when it starts without it would be useful.
Sorry for the delayed reply, didn't receive an email notification. No, it is just sometimes starting and sometime not. I will try to get debug files of both.
Hi Martin,

I got a debug file for both when the iCX started up and when they didn't. First one is with no iCX and second one is with it.
Thanks for the files, but both are identical and created when iCX was present. Can you please re-upload a new DBG file when iCX was not found ?
Can you look at this one again, it's supposed to be no iCX. I will get another debug anyway. How long does debug need to run for?
Thanks. It seems the required iCX devices sometimes don't appear properly in the system.
Please try with this build: www.hwinfo.com/beta/hw64_571_3311.zip
and attach a new Debug File when the iCX sensors are not found. A dump from this build should provide me more clues what's happening there...