HWinfo crashes in the background


I use a G15(v2) keyboard to make use of the sensor API's.
In the background i also used (good ol') SirReal's panel and LCD Miscellany but, not since switching to the HWInfo app.

Although i am not sure, i think the HWInfo app never was stable for me to begin with. I tried 3 versions and both have the same problem.
I play a game, and at a certain moment (random interval) the display stops and when i tab out, i see the HWInfo app has stopped working (no error, just missing from the system tray)
Today i finally managed to get a DBG file but, the file is 565MB.
I have no clue how to open it so i can trim it for just today.

Any suggestions?
You can pass the entire file to me (compress it) and I will analyze it. You'll have to upload it somewhere as it's quite large.
This came in thru my spam :(

I have already erased the file.
As soon as it happens again, i will make sure to 7zip it and upload to:" WeTransfer ",or something.
According to the file you posted all is well with HWiNFO - it opens normally, runs and then closes normally.
How are you starting HWiNFO? I noticed that it's run under a service which isn't common and hence might be terminated by some other software.
I have it started with an extended delay from the automatic task scheduler it gets installed with.
It does not show up in my services.msc as far as i can see.
If logging shows that it ends the applicatie as intended, then something else must be forcing it to end?
I will keep trying to get a shorter log when i notice it again (that's the whole thing, i don't always notice the applet being gone)
Then check in Task Scheduler whether task is not set to terminate after some time.
Then check in Task Scheduler whether task is not set to terminate after some time.
It did but, it was set my default (3 days)
I turned it off, just in case.
Will get back with the next one (crashed already just now but, i turned Debugging off....:?)
It's save to say that, at this point , the removing of the job termination has resolved my issue(s).
Thanks for the support and thanks for producing such a valuable application!