HWiNFO Gadget makes excessive writes to the registry (and in turn, HDD)


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I've been writing a new rainmeter skin for myself to monitor temperatures and usages, and while doing so noticed an unusually high constant writing speed of 300 KB/s to the system drive while idle. Normally, it's about 100 KB/s or less at idle which I attribute to Windows doing what ever it is that it does. But as soon as I start up HWiNFO it shoots back up all the way to 300 KB/s.

Looking in resource monitor shows that while HWiNFO is running, the constant writing is coming from transactional logging to ntuser.dat.log, due to the registry changes HWiNFO gadget makes. (Disabling gadget reporting does return writing to normal speeds.) I do have over 60 sensors being reported in Gadget that I'm using with rainmeter.

Does the HWiNFO Gadget always update every sensor value/label/etc in registry, even if there has been no change since last sensor reading? If it does, can this be changed to only make changes to the registry if the value was changed? I assume this would mitigate the amount of writes to ntuser.dat.log, as stuff like sensor names and labels will likely never change at all. It would also probably help me sleep better at night.
Nice! I've updated and tested, looks like the writing has gone down a fair amount. The change appears to have brought it down to about half of what it was before, now getting anywhere between 150-200kB/s in total; certainly a lot better.

Thanks for the quick update!