HWiNFO got crazy slow


Within the past week or so, HWiNFO has become crazy slow. Hadn't needed to update it for a long time, everything was fine; after slowness began I updated to 7.42 and the slow speed persists. No changes except for regular Windows updates and GPU driver updates. Booting to Sensors Only takes about 1 minute, 20 seconds. Sensor polling updates about every 6.3 seconds. Seems to choke on CPU and memory identification during startup. If I start in Summary Only, it gets REAL slow and trying to open Sensors from Summary causes HWiNFO to hang. The rest of the system runs fine.

Thanks in advance


Looks like certain interfaces in the CPU have become extremely slow and require a lot of time to respond.
This might be caused either by some other monitoring/tweaking application using them and holding too long or by virtualization (Hyper-V / Memory Integrity).
I added some workarounds in the new version 7.51-5165 Beta. Please try it and let me know if that works better.
Thanks :)
Out of curiosity, could you please attach a new Debug File made using that Beta build? I'd like to check how things behave now and if there's any further room to improve it.
Thank you. I can see that the situation now improved significantly but not fully.
The problem seems to be some other application heavily blocking access to certain interfaces in the CPU and that's causing delays in HWiNFO.
What other system monitoring, tweaking or hardware control applications are you running?
Sorry for the late reply. I have Corsair iCUE running, but it's an older version that hadn't been updated before the slowdown and had no effect prior. The only system changes made recently were Windows Updates, an NVIDIA driver update, and a Steam game installed Easy Anti-Cheat. I have a feeling it may have been the EAC.
Yes, some Anti-Cheat software and especially those that are integrated very deep in kernel (similar to rootkits) can cause issues with tools like HWiNFO.