HWiNFO is preventing HDD spin down


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Hello there,

this is probably not a bug per se - but it could potentially be one, so I'll just post it here.

I use HWiNFO + Rainmeter to monitor my GPU + CPU and as such I have HWiNFO Sensors launch on start up.
Unfortunately HWiNFO prevents my HDDs from spinning down despite monitoring being turned off for the drives. It works fine if I shut down the application but then my Rainmeter monitors will obviously stop working as well.

Is there a way to turn off HDD access completly? I already disabled Drive Scan in the settings but the drives will still spin up when launching HWiNFO and won't spin down according to the Windows setting.

HWiNFO is of course running off my primary system drive SSD, so that's not the issue ;)

Best regards.
If you disable Drive Scan then HWiNFO doesn't touch any physical drives, so I'm wondering that it still didn't help.
You might also try to disable the Disk Activity sensors to see whether that might be causing it.
Otherwise I'd suggest to check whether you haven't enabled Debug Mode (which would constantly write data to disk) or sensor logging.