HWInfo + iscsi-target = Crash


Is there a way to blacklist a device from HWInfo? When it attempts to scan my iSCSI-mapped drive, the iscsi-target binary on the remote system segfaults and the drive disconnects. HWInfo in turn takes a long time to 'time out' from this crash and finish processing.

I realize this very likely isn't a bug itself with HWInfo but I don't have the ability to replace the iscsi-target binary on this system.


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It's not possible to selective exclude a drive from scan, but I can do this automatically in HWiNFO if I can analyze the Debug File.
Unfortunately the DBG file you attached was most likely overwritten during a second run and is just 28 bytes long. Can you please attach a new full one?
Anyway, looking at the error log, it seems that LOG_SENSE was the problematic command. This is however strange as a SCSI drive should properly respond to such command or just error/ignore it and not cause such problems. So it looks like the iSCSI implementation on the remote system is not very robust.
Just recreated and attached full. Didn't realize it would get overwritten as soon as I opened vs. when a scan occurred but that makes sense.
And no, unfortunately it's not robust at all. But I really appreciate a bypass option.


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Just tested with Beta-4890 and confirmed it's no longer crashing the iSCSI endpoint, where Beta-4885 was. Thank you very much for the effort! :)