HWinfo Keeping PC Awake


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First off, love the software. Just what I was looking for!

I have just got rid of CPU-Z and CoreTemp and replaced them with HWinfo and really like the amount of info it gives. I have it set to minimize to the tray when I exit out of it instead of closing the application completely. However, I noticed that the computer will not go to sleep now. So I exited HWinfo completely and my computer fell asleep when I should.

Is there a setting I am missing or am I missing something else? The other monitoring programs I ran in the past were fine to run in the background while still allowing the computer to fall asleep.

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I'm not yet sure what might be causing this, but I suppose that reading some sensor in your system causes activity, which then prevents the inactivity timer to go to sleep.
Can you please try to disable sensors in HWiNFO one by one (right-click and Disable Monitoring) to determine which one is causing this? I can then have a look at the details and see how to fix this.
Definitely (8 years) late to the party here, but thought I'd throw in some info in case anyone else ever has this problem since this is the only place on the internet I could find of anyone else experiencing what I just went through.

Just built a new PC, installed HWinfo as I always do during setup, and had the situation where Windows 11 wouldn't put my monitors to sleep (95% of the time) - which was annoying with a burn-in prone OLED. Went through all the steps recommended elsewhere to track the culprit ("powercfg -requests" and whatnot) and came up empty. Eventually through trial and error and disabling devices and programs one by one I traced the culprit to hwinfo - sleep worked fine when hwinfo off, stopped working when hwinfo on.

I followed the advice of Martin above to disable the sensors one by one. Ended up being the sensors associated with my PSU (msi meg ai1300p). Everything is working fine now with those sensors disabled. Curious if anyone can suggest the why or a way to prevent this behavior and still have the sensors enabled, but for now just happy it's working and figured I'd point folks in the direction of what worked for me if anyone else ever has this issue.
I'm not sure why that happens nor how to reliably solve this problem but since the MSI MEG PSU is connected and monitored via USB I'd search for the problem there.. Something related with USB traffic not allowing the computer to enter idle/sleep state.
Thanks - I'll come back and update if i figure out anything further. I'd previously disabled USB selective suspend, so that's not the fix but there may be another method to have the idle time counter not reset by traffic there on the cable to my PSU.
Wanted to report the same issue with the NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO...
Weird thing is, it was working fine for like a week, but today or maybe in the last few days (not sure when) it stopped working. (no hardware changes or significant software changes that I remember in that time)

The issue isn't specific to HWInfo. SignalRGB and the NZXT Cam software itself similarly break the screen turn off. If I disable the whole Kraken sensor group from HWInfo, the screens turn off works just fine. (assuming I've also closed SignalRGB and the NZXT software)
So yeah, sounds like an issue in the driver, but just thought I'd leave this here anyway...