HWinfo Keeping PC Awake


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[font=Verdana, Tahoma, 'Nimbus Sans L', arial, sans-serif]First off, love the software.  Just what I was looking for![/font]

[font=Verdana, Tahoma, 'Nimbus Sans L', arial, sans-serif]I have just got rid of CPU-Z and CoreTemp and replaced them with HWinfo and really like the amount of info it gives. I have it set to minimize to the tray when I exit out of it instead of closing the application completely. However, I noticed that the computer will not go to sleep now. So I exited HWinfo completely and my computer fell asleep when I should.[/font]

[font=Verdana, Tahoma, 'Nimbus Sans L', arial, sans-serif]Is there a setting I am missing or am I missing something else? The other monitoring programs I ran in the past were fine to run in the background while still allowing the computer to fall asleep.[/font]

[font=Verdana, Tahoma, 'Nimbus Sans L', arial, sans-serif]Thanks![/font]


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I'm not yet sure what might be causing this, but I suppose that reading some sensor in your system causes activity, which then prevents the inactivity timer to go to sleep.
Can you please try to disable sensors in HWiNFO one by one (right-click and Disable Monitoring) to determine which one is causing this? I can then have a look at the details and see how to fix this.