HWiNFO reporting very different TBW values for two brand-new harddrives in a RAID1 array


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Hey friends, I have been searching around the forums and haven’t found any posts mentioning this issue. And I should preface this by saying I’m not sure what I'm experiencing is even a HWiNFO64 bug, or if it’s an issue with my MSI/bios raid setup.

I have two Samsung 970 Evo Plus m.2 drives setup in a RAID1 (mirror) configuration through my MSI bios. The drives are brand new and hadn’t been used til I built this setup. However HWiNFO is already reporting very different Total Host Writes and Total Host Reads for each drive.

I attached a photo of my sensors, but one drive is reporting 1753 GB total host writes and 2393 GB total host reads, while the other is reporting 3823 GB total host writes and 292 GB total host reads. Note that in both cases the total host writes added to the total host reads equal roughly the same amount (1753+2393=4146) vs (3823+293=4116). It seems that the data might be passing through one drive before it hits the other.. What I’m wondering is, could this be misreporting by HWiNFO64, or could it be a bad raid algorithm from the motherboard? I just want to figure out why there’s such a large disparity between the two drives in the array, and if my raid setup is even worth it if each drive will have such a different load. Any input would be appreciated, Thank you! :).

Edit: Not sure if it matters, but I should also note that my motherboard required me to install an Intel RST driver for windows to even recognize the array. I am using Intel RST Driver Version


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I don't think this is misreported, but to be sure, try to verify with some other tool like CrystalDiskInfo.
I don't think this is misreported, but to be sure, try to verify with some other tool like CrystalDiskInfo.
Thanks for your reply. I just checked CrystalDiskInfo and the total read/write numbers are the same as reported in HWiNFO. If the reported amounts are indeed accurate, do you think this is normal behavior for drives in a RAID1 array?
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Sorry, I never examined behavior of those values in RAID, so can't provide more clues.. Perhaps someone else...