HWINFO Stops showing CPUFAN2


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Everything was fine today until I installed a nzxt 140mm fan to replace the stock H440 case exhaust fan. I don't think that has to do with that but that's the only thing I changed.

My MSI Command Center detects CPUFAN2, Bios also detects it. It runs like it should but when I check in Shared Memory Viewer, I don't see it anymore, instead I see the Aux fan in place of the CPUFAN2.

Why did my HWINFO stops detecting it?
Which mainboard do you have ?
Is the Aux fan shown by HWiNFO perhaps showing the same RPM as CPUFAN2 by MSI ? Have you also checked in HWiNFO which fans are shown there ?
I have the MSI Z170 M5. It's definitely exhaust fan. I unplugged it and it still only showed CPUFan1 and the fan 2 just disappeared from hwinfo list...
OK, so HWiNFO shows the CPU Fan 2, but it's only not visible in Shared Memory Viewer ?
No...HWiNFO doesn't show CPU FAN 2, not visible in Shared Memory Viewer. Even though, bios and softwares like MSI Command apps does.
OK, first please try to to "Reset Preferences" in HWiNFO general settings, or "Restore Original Order" in sensor settings / layout.
If that won't help, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for deeper analysis of the problem.
Thanks, that worked. Just that it showed it as system fan instead of CPUFAN2.

How do I get Memory shared viewer to show up? I have to use an addon in rainmeter to make the window shows up. I can't find it anywhere within HWiNFO program.