HWiNFO vcore detection

So, I'm using an i7 4770k with an asus Z87-K mb. The CPU is set to sync all cores X43 multiplier, blck is 100 mhz, core voltage is set to manual at 1.23v, uncore is set to manual stock X35, svid control is disabled with vccin on auto. However, hwinfo doesn't show vcore, and there's a VIN4 metric that might be vcore but I'm not sure.

Cpu-z, hwmonitor and speedfan all show vcore between 0.888 and 0.912v, but it never goes below and above that no matter what, indifferent of cpu usage, so I'm pretty sure that's not the actual vcore, it can't be frozen/bugged either since it goes between 0.888 and 0.912v. With HWiNFO 64 I don't have a vcore reading, here are all the voltage metrics I have:


The VIN4 metric is the only one that resembles anything like vcore. When idle it sits around 0.9V, when I start stress testing it goes wild between 1.15V and 1.3V, it switches very fast, never stays on the same value for more than a second or two. It can't be uncore voltage cuz I tried uncore voltage to manual 1.25V and then to 1.15V and the metric stayed the same, going between 1.15 and 1.3V when stress testing. But can it be vcore? My core voltage is set to manual 1.23V, so I have no idea why it would go to 1.3V at times if it was vcore. HWMonitor has the exact same metric with the same values except it's called VIN12 in there
AFAIK you board is not capable of measuring Vcore. This is quite common for CPUs featuring FIVR, where the CPU has full control of actual Vcore and the mainboard doesn't have direct access to the Vcore rail. In such case most tools show VID instead of Vcore, which should resemble this value.
Reviving a (somewhat) old thread, do you happen to know any way I can check/monitor my vcore? I'm testing the LLC setting but I have no idea how much vcore I'm getting at any given time, so for I know my vcore could be much higher than what I set in BIOS since there's no way to predict that LLC will do to it

Also, do you think there might a be slight chance VIN4 is actually the Vcore? It behaves exactly like it, are you like 100% sure it's not Vcore?
As stated earlier the only value related to Vcore on this mainboard is the VID, which is also what most mainboard vendors use to report Vcore.
But I'm not sure how reliable this value is, you should better check some overclocking forums like overclock.net and experience of users with similar systems. It's quite likely that some performed comparison of values reported and measured with a digital multimeter.
the way I understand it, according to the overclock.net ryzen thread, the motherboard CPU voltage is how much voltage is being sent to the CPU and the ryzen internal voltage sensor(svi2) is how much it's using. Elmor on the crosshair Vi thread, an asus rog engineer stated to not trust ryzens voltage sensor when idling or low loads all that much but rather trust the motherboards sensor more. As things like core parking and it's power saving features can screw the readout when at idle and low load. When under a medium to high load ryzens own sensor is a little bit more accurate than the motherboards voltage sensor. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
The CPU/mainboard in this tread is different - it features a Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator, which completely regulates Vcore.
Ryzen is very different and the CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) is the most reliable value there, as it's sensed straight from the mainboard VRM.