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I've been using HWInfo for a few years. I do a lot of video encoding and have kept the program open for hours on end for monitoring. I have a Threadripper 1950X system on the Asrock X399 Taichi mobo. about a month ago I've noticed the program will close itself only after about 10 minutes of being open. It does not crash Windows or affect my system in any way. I've tried the portable version as well as the regular installed version. Both versions were X64 versions. Anybody else having this issue?
As first I'd recommend to upgrade to the latest (Beta) version if the issue persists.
Then try to Reset Preferences and if that won't help, it would be good if you could capture the self-closing in the HWiNFO Debug File.
As first I'd recommend to upgrade to the latest (Beta) version if the issue persists.
Then try to Reset Preferences and if that won't help, it would be good if you could capture the self-closing in the HWiNFO Debug File.
I know it is not the preferences because I just did a format/clean reinstall of Windows. I'm running the latest stable version (6.42) which I just downloaded and installed yesterday. Not sure what you mean by capturing the self-closing. Where and how do I access the Debug file?
The sensor keeps closing and will not stay open. I have the HWiNFO Debug File that was saved but it is almost 3GB in size and is too large to upload here. What do you advise?
Unfortunately the sensor keeps closing after a certain amount of time. Your software is amazing and is the most accurate in terms of temperature and sensor readings and I want to continue using it. I rely on it because I overclock my Threadripper PC that I built myself. I use it pretty much exclusively for video editing/encoding. In the past with previous versions of HWINFO I would load the queue with several videos to encode where my computer would run constantly for a few days. The sensor would not close and stay open monitoring my PC until I closed the program. I'm not sure what version I noticed this change in but the sensor will not stay open when the computer is left unattended after a certain amount of time. I've opened all features of the program and tried just running the sensor only but nothing makes a difference. I recently updated my OS to Windows 10 20H2 from a previous version of windows. I formatted my drive and did a clean install. The problem still persists even with the clean install of Windows.
3GB is way too much. Try to compress it using something like 7-Zip, that will significantly reduce the size. But it still might not fit here and need to upload to some other sharing site.
I'm not sure if you got the zip file. I clicked Attach Files at the bottom and it uploaded it but when I clicked Post Reply the message was sent but I am not seeing the zip file being sent as well
How do you suggest I successfully send you a file I attach. I tried three times by clicking the Attach Files link with the paper clip on the bottom left. The file successfully is loaded and then I click Post Reply on the bottom right but the file is not sent to you. What am I doing wrong?
What size does the file have? Do you wait for the file to be uploaded before posting? If it's larger than, say, 5 to 10 MiB I suggest to close HWiNFO, delete the debug file and then start HWiNFO again. That way the file size will be reduced to a minimum.

I'm guessing that the file is too big because you wrote that the uncompressed file is 3 GB, which will result in 30 MB archive when assuming a 99% compression rate (which is unlikely).

If everything else fails, upload the file to an external site and post a link to it.

Dude, You're not making it easy on your own forum for tech support. I can send you this file via WeTransfer. I need your email addr ess and I will send you the DeBug file directly. What is your email address?????
How large is the file you're trying to attach? Maybe you could try some alternate free file sharing service.
The file is 2.4MB in size. What is the maximum file size allowed in your forum? WeTransfer is a free file sharing service similar to DropBox but I need your email address.

1.) Is this file too big? It is showing it is uploaded to your site but does not send to you.

2.) I NEED your email address to send you the file directly unless there is a free file sharing service you suggest.

Let me know please.


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