HWiNFO32 / 64 Blue Screen at launch


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Hello guys,

I've got a strange case where HWiNFO cause a BSOD (WHEA) systematically upon startup when detecting video devices.

I've read some other post, used 32 instead of 64, unchecked every options to narrow at maximum but it crashes no matter what.

I'm a crypto-miner using this tool for the GPUz sensor which is really complete.

it works well on many computer (mainly Z170 chipset) without issues but not on this specific motherboard hardware : Asrock H110 BTC.

Attached the DBG log if anyone is willing to have a eye into it.
The last lane is about a bios detection on the 4th GPU (on 8).

ATI VBIOS1: 100406, 0, 0 0

ATI VBIOS2: 90080000
VBIOS check @ 90080000

I've noticed that GPU 1 / 2 / 3 in the same log where the bios don't cause a crash has a letter starting in their bios name.

GPU 1 : VBIOS check @ F0080000
GPU 2 : VBIOS check @ F0080000
GPU 3 : VBIOS check @ D0080000

GPU 4 : Causing the Crash : VBIOS check @ 90080000

It might be just a detail but I really don't know where it can come from, I've tried older AMD drivers (from august) without success.
All the vbioses are strictly the same as the seven AMD GPU are flashed & identical.

I know that with my unusual use of HWiNFO I surely have a low priority in the bug list but if you could just gives me some hints that I can test on or work on it will be great. 

- Is there some specific option requirement from the Motherboard BIOS that can help ?

Thanks in advance for anyone.



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Thanks for your report.
There's currently no setting in HWiNFO that would fix this problem, it requires an update in HWiNFO.
So I'm working on this right now and a fix will be available in the next Beta build of HWiNFO, which is scheduled for release tomorrow ;)
Thanks for your speedy response !

I'll wait and try any beta build newer than : v5.61-3290
Thank you again for your time.
I have decided to rush the new Beta release, so it's out :)
Please try v5.61-3293 Beta if it's OK now.
No more crash !
Launched it and everything goes like a charm.

I don't know what you did but it works !

Thanks again !