HWiNFO64 : Asus R4BE temps incorrect


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Hi, for checking temperatures I was using the official 4.36 stable release but tried HWiNFO64 v4.37-2160 Beta to see if this was fixed and it's remains the same.

My system has custom watercooling (CPU+NB/SB+GPU) and the Sensor Status is showing Temps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to be a very high 97C on average. This I believe is incorrect, and double-checking with Asus AI Suite 3 shows no sensor monitoring. This temperate is high even with stock clocks. I'm using the latest BIOS, drivers, etc as this is a new build.

Why does it give a reading at all when even my motherboard doesn't quote one, simply the CPU, motherboard, PCH and why does it vary by minute amounts?

Included a screenshot to try and shed some light.


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Those temperatures are most probably values from additional sensor inputs, that are not connected to a real diode.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to determine whether a certain sensor input is used or not (without detailed mainboard schematics) and some mainboards might contain additional real inputs, which they do not report via their tools. So HWiNFO displays all inputs including those, which might not be utilized.
So I suggest you ignore those values. You might hide them (using right-click) as well if you find that disturbing.
I thought that was the case, thanks for the feedback Martin :)

Rather than initially ignoring the values I thought to raise it here as it may be useful (if possible) to default it off for the Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition. They are listed on the AI Suite 3 as additional inputs and a read of the manual shows that these are optional sensor inputs (purchased separately) to place and monitor any other devices.

If you wish to read further into this, I'm hosting the PDF manual here http://www.mediafire.com/view/9vs8gecnxiocpc3/E8670_Rampage_IV_Black_Edition.pdf

I'm happy to assist more if needed otherwise I will simply disable the sensor, only that I'd need to do this for every update. Here is the section from the PDF where it explains a little about the sensor locations, note that my BIOS doesn't list the temps because none are connected.


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Those Temp2-Temp5 are not the OPT1-OPT3 values reported by AI Suite. That's something else. HWiNFO displays OPTn (+PLX) temperatures under another dedicated sensor called "ASUS EC". Since those values are reading 0, HWiNFO doesn't display them. So if you would utilize those OPTn temperatures, HWiNFO should display them, but the Temp2-Temp5 values are something different.