HWiNFO64 crashes at detecting video adapter


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I use HWiNFO just fine on my desktop where I use an Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU, but when I went to add it to my laptop with an Intel CPU and AMD GPU, I can't seem to start it. The application crashes as soon as it reaches the "detecting video adapters" portion. This is a fresh installation of Windows 10 (as in not even an hour old), and I've tried updating my graphics driver in case that was an issue, but I run into the same issue. I've attached the generated DBG file.


Hi Martin, thanks for the link. That seems to have solved the issue and it's working fine! Now if I could just get this Rainmeter skin to get HWiNFO's data to display properly... but that's not an issue with the app itself!
RE: [Solved] HWiNFO64 crashes at detecting video adapter

Thanks for the feedback. This fix will be released in the next public beta build.