HWiNFO64 crashes PC when opening sensors


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Hello all, hoping someone can help me with this. I started getting some odd performance on my PC (random game crashes, etc), so I turned to HWiNFO to try and monitor some things, but every single time I open the Sensors, the entire PC blue screens and crashes, restarting the machine. I'm able to replicate this issue every time without fail, so I've gone ahead and set the software to debug mode and extracted out the debug file as instructed. Unfortunately my attempt to solve it myself has led to nothing, so turning to the forums in hope someone can help. I've attached the debug fail, as well as MSDiag and DxDiag files for reference. The PC Build itself is fairly new, but was working without issue for 3 months or so, having ran HWInfo on it before multiple times without issue.

I have already tried un-installing and re-installing the software, with no luck. At this point I'm not sure if it's an issue with HWInfo or the PC, but maybe the issue with HWInfo can help me track down what the source of the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated, and also happy to provide any additional info needed!



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Try to disable the "Evaluate ACPI Methods" option in HWiNFO, that should help.
So that did the trick.. any ideas why that might be happening? I'm trying to troubleshoot some other issues with the PC, so wondering if an issue could be leading to this being a problem, if that makes sense.

Either way thank you for the help!
Sorry, I'm not sure why exactly it was crashing but it was related to some issue with ACPI. Try to upgrade the BIOS to latest version.