1. benjdiii

    Whea Logger Event 19 +

    Hello, for a good week now I haven't been able to launch any games, there are only some that work but can, in short when I look at the event observer I notice several errors. Configuration, IntelR CoreTM i9-14900KF MSI GeForce RTX 3060ti Ventus 3X NZXT Kraken Elite 360 - RL-KN36E-B1 Samsung SSD...
  2. lockground

    PUBG Crashes my system

    I hope someone can help to find the cause of my PC crashing. The system is less than six months old I play games sometimes, all of them except PUBG run great on 4k Ultra/High. But PUBG can sometimes cause my PC to suddenly shut down. After such situations, I usually manually check the...
  3. B

    need help

    can someone help me look at my HWinfo64 log, i was starting up cs2 after a couple of minutes the game crash. i wonder if there's something wrong with my hardware. luckily start the log in hwinfo64. hope someone can help me read t he log. thank you very much.
  4. S

    HWinfo v7.64 system crash (BSOD) at starting

    While starting HWiNFO v7.64, the OS crashes with a probability of about 20-30%. As a startup parameter, it occurs regardless of whether the sensor is ON or OFF. The stop code for BSOD is always MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. I attach the WinDbg screen and HWiNFO DBG/TXT file.
  5. HakzoPhobic

    Need help troubleshooting PC, random restarts ever since getting VR. (Log File)

    Hi there, Its been a few months since my last post here asking for help with my computer randomly shutting down. I had gotten a response that my PSU was faulty so I went ahead and replaced it, (from Cooler Master Masterwatt lite 500w to Corsair CV550 550W). The shutdown issues stopped for a few...
  6. R

    HWiNFO64 crashes PC when opening sensors

    Hello all, hoping someone can help me with this. I started getting some odd performance on my PC (random game crashes, etc), so I turned to HWiNFO to try and monitor some things, but every single time I open the Sensors, the entire PC blue screens and crashes, restarting the machine. I'm able...
  7. baka27

    PC crash or crashes Amd Adrenaline driver

    Whenever I start hw info while running any GPU accelerated program i.e after effects, Premier pro , davinci or blender . Display freezes or pc restarts System Ryzen 5700x Mobi- x370 prime pro Asus 32GB ddr4 3200mhz GPU - RX 570
  8. T

    "Always On Top" Repeatedly Crashing Windows Explorer

    This happens when I play a full screen or windowed borderless game on one monitor, with HWiNFO64 Sensors window running in "Always On Top" mode on a second monitor. It's as if HWiNFO is fighting with the game to be on top, crashing Windows Explorer.
  9. K

    HWiNFO64 frequent background crashes

    Getting crashes very regularly while running sensors in the background. Tried to attach my DBG file but the forum error states it's too large for the server to process. It's 39MB. This upload should be good for 30 days:
  10. Z

    PC crashed, I want to log all CPU and GPU sensor information just as crash occurs.

    Hi, Have looked around for info on my question and cannot seem to find it. Apologies if it is already out there. I simply want to save crash logs to file for viewing on system reboot. Recently while playing Battlefield 2042 my PC hard rebooted from the game screen. I want to be able to log...
  11. J

    Regular PC Crashes

    Hi all, I am experiencing frequent crashes, sometimes full crash and auto reboot and other freezing then I have to manually reboot. I am pretty new to this kind of fault-finding so please bear with me. My PC has been very stable for a long time and I have only recently seen this happen, no...
  12. D

    Starting "Logging Sensor" crash HWiNFO32

    Hello, HWiNFO is great! Thanks very much ! On a PLC based on Windows Embeded, HWiNFO32 works well. But starting the logs (using the "Logging Start" button in the "Sensor Status" window) crashes the HWinfo32 application (after entering the name of the file, just after clicking on "Save"). For a...
  13. S

    Random crashing under load, new system

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums. I just finished building my new water cooled system, everything is fine when I do simple thing such as web browsing, however gaming crashes my system. Symptoms: Black Screen Reboot BSOD Stop Code: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Specs: MoBo...
  14. R

    Zotac 1080 TI AMP! Extreme Core Edition crashing

    Hey, I got problems with my Zotac 1080ti AMP extreme edition. I experienced a lot of crashes in high graphics intense games like "The Witcher 3", "Greedfall", "Mordhau". The games work fine, no frame drops, high and stable frame rates, good temperatures of max 70°C, no graphic failures or...
  15. T

    [HELP] hwi 630 or any other version crashes while detecting sensors

    Hi folks, title says it all... issue started a week ago
  16. C

    Deciphering HWinfo Logs & Sudden crashing

    Hi, I could use a hand reading the tea leaves a bit. PC has been crashing while gaming lately (goes black, but case fans remain on until manual reset). It finally happened while I was logging with HWinfo. There's no sign of thermal throttling, but I'm getting the following answers under...
  17. X

    Troubleshoot: PC Crash while Gaming

    Hello, I'm new here and i was hoping someone could help me out troubleshooting my PC crashing. I'm having trouble figuring out which component is causing the crash, so my build is pretty old since 2015 roughly, so out of no where after being stable for at least 5 years it started crashing after...