Regular PC Crashes


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Hi all,

I am experiencing frequent crashes, sometimes full crash and auto reboot and other freezing then I have to manually reboot. I am pretty new to this kind of fault-finding so please bear with me.

My PC has been very stable for a long time and I have only recently seen this happen, no new parts, but new drivers yes, but I can't pinpoint the cause or the exact driver if it is one.

My system is as follows -

i7 9700K (stock, was OC but have reverted to eliminate the OC)
32GB RAM XMP 3600MHz
Windows 10 Pro Ver. 21H2

I have the crash report from 2 separate occasions on 2 separate games, I have also had the crash occur when I am busy with unloaded tasks like browsing.

Any help with this or anything else I can try I would be so grateful, I come home from work to enjoy some games and this crashing is driving me crazy.

One thing to note is that sometimes when I get the crash I can still hear the game's audio but I can not windows key, task manager, alt, or anything out of the crashed state/game.

The crash also doesn't happen when there is necessarily a lot going on in games or at the start, it seems very random to me.

I am very close to performing a full windows reinstall to see if that fixes the fault but I would prefer not to do this if I can help it.




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