HWiNFO64 does not read input voltage and other values on 3080 (see picture)


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hwinfo error.JPG
So I've been dealing with this issue for a while now, as you can see HWiNFO64 does not read several input voltage, input power, and fan speed values as shown in the image. Initially I had an MSI Gaming X Trio 3080, and I thought it was an issue with the card, so I actually ended up returning it. I got an ASUS Tuf 3080 non-oc edition and I'm getting the same missing values. Anyone know why this is happening? No one I've asked has figured it out.
Those items with a red cross mean the values are not being monitored by HWiNFO. Pressing the Ins key over them or right-clicking + "Enable Monitoring" will get it back.
No problem, many are confused by this, I think I need to make this somehow more clear.