HWinfo64 freeze


Now that the problem with the autostart has been solved, I now have another problem. HWinfo just freezes. You can't set it to a specific scenario, but when the monitor goes into standby or runs computationally intensive programs, HWinfo freezes. I installed an NVME M.2 from Silicon Power 2 days ago and completely reinstalled Windows 10.
Ok Martin, next Time if it freeze i send you the Debug File. I just make the settings for the File.
That Debug File is from a normal run, you'll need to capture the freeze and after reboot grab the Debug File produced.
Note that you'll need to disable Autostart, because when this is active, it will overwrite the file from free with data from next boot.
I have now a Debug File but i cant upload because " The upload file is to large for the server to process"
I'm sorry, but neither this DBG file includes the freeze state. HWiNFO was properly closed according to this file.