HWinfo64 freezes in Win8 on start up


When starting up it will say scanning for IDe/something then freeze. I tried installing asmedia drivers but I get bsod on windows start up, can someone help

Gene V ASUS 1707 bios
If HWiNFO freezes/crashes please attach the HWiNFO Debug File created during the problem.
If Windows doesn't boot anymore, hold the F8 key during booting and select "Safe Mode". Then uninstall the driver which caused the boot problem.
The driver is automaticly uninstalled when window restores itself, I only got windows working if I install it with my driver in IDE mode, then install asmedia device. However I cannot get the drivers to work in ACHI mode. Where do I find the debug
Tamerh said:
I have the same problem

Does only HWiNFO freeze, or the whole system?
Is the Debug File you attached capturing the freeze, or was it done when no problem occurred ?
only hwinfo64 freeze on start up and the Debug File I attached capturing the freeze of hwinfo64 while its freezing and my whole system dose not freeze .. when I close hwinfo64 with task manager and run it again (without restarting my pc) it works without freezing
So any subsequent run after the freeze works and HWiNFO doesn't freeze anymore until next system restart ?