HWiNFO64 Freezes Windows 7 Shutdown & HDD Disappear


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I am currently running into two issues with HWiNFO64.  

The first, is that my HDD's disappear from Windows Explorer after starting up HWiNFO64.

The second issue is that Windows shutdown freezes after I run the program.  Shutdown goes fine if I boot and don't start up HWiNFO64, but if I start it and leave it running, or close it, then Windows freezes in the shutdown sequence and requires a hard shutdown.  See attached system report and debug file.  Note that the issue persists on stock settings as well as overclocked.  Help would be much appreciated, as I like HWiNFO far better than other monitoring programs.

Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
Intel i7-4770K @4.2GHz
ASUS Maximus VI Extreme BIOS 1603 (8-15-14)
4x4GB G.Skill RAM running SPD settings @1600MHz
NVidia GTX 980
2x 1TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

If you need any further information please let me know.



First, please try the latest HWiNFO Beta version if that might help.
If it doesn't, try to disable Drive Scan in the Safety setting of HWiNFO.
Let me know the results...
Trying the latest Beta version did not fix either problem.
Selecting "Disable Drive Scan" has fixed both problems.

Thanks for the help.