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Hey so I dunno what the hell happened but today all of a sudden HWiNFO64 is hanging when trying to detect ATA/SCSI Drives, the problem started when I rebooted windows and HWiNFO loaded just fine except that it wouldn't load the Drive Temps for all of my drives. It seemed to load the usage and activity for those drives just fine but when I closed out of the program and tried to reload it it just started hanging on the detection of the drives. I have tried uninstalling the program and making sure all residual files were removed and restarting my computer and reinstalling again to see if there was any change and none... it still is hanging.


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Also let it be noted that when I do a complete uninstall and restart my PC and reinstall it again it still shows last known config as if I never uninstalled it
UPDATE: I got it fixed! Somehow there was a driver that was corrupted and needed to be reinstalled and now it works just fine.
Martin said:
Thanks for the feedback, good to hear that you resolved it.

Yeah sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner about this but it's not completely resolved. It still hangs every time I restart my computer and have to repair a driver install reboot and it will work again. I have no clue what the hell happened but this is getting frustrating cause I never had this problem till the day I posted this thread. I'm gonna yet again reinstall windows and see what happens.