HWiNFO64 no fan icon


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Hello, I have just installed HWiNFO to replace speedfan that I had been using for years and I am very impressed with the detail your product goes into. What drew me to HWiNFO is hopefully I can control my GPU fan with it and hence get rid of the software that came with the card to monitor it.

I removed speedfan first then installed version 6.14 64 bit.. but there was no fan icon so I upgraded to 6.15 3990 beta (latest version) but still no fan icon in the monitor. My PC is a few years old so hopefully supported, I have read some posts but really am not sure the next steps to take, please help.

As requested I have included my report and debug files, I hope these are correct.
Thankyou for the reply and information Martin. I wish I had looked a bit more through the forums. Sorry for creating a post that had been answered.