HWiNFO64 stops responding


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Windows 8.0 Pro
I've been using aida64, but want to change to HWiNFO64 to send sensor data to Aquasuite.

Downloaded the hw64_524.exe installer.  Installation completed without error.

When I open the program, it freezes about half way through the scan.

I've also tried the latest Beta with the same results.

I disabled both the aida64 and the Aquasuite program upon reboot, and the same program not responding results with the computer freezing.

Here is the debug file.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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This seems to be a problem in the storage driver - storahci. You might try to upgrade the Windows SATA driver, or if possible upgrade Windows to v8.1.
If nothing helps, then you will need to disable "Drive Scan" in HWiNFO to avoid this problem.
Updated INTEL Rapid Storage Technology. No change

Upgraded from Win 8.0 Pro to Win 8.1 Pro. With Low Level IO, program runs great.

Thanks for the help.