HWinfo64 v6.27-4185 caused hdd speed to massively drop video in description


Ran a benchmark. Was hard to figure out the cause for the bad HDD performance,
until i did.
As long as hwinfo64 sensors is running
speed from 200 MB /S to 100MB/s
Motherboard Name Asus Prime H310M-R R2.0
CPU Type HexaCore Intel Core i5-8500, 4000 MHz (40 x 100)
System Memory 16333 MB (DDR4 SDRAM)
IDE Controller Standard SATA AHCI Controller
Storage Controller Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller
Storage Controller Xvdd SCSI Miniport
Disk Drive TOSHIBA HDWD130 (3 TB, 7200 RPM, SATA-III)

As first, you're using a quite outdated version of HWiNFO.
Try to disable monitoring of the disk sensor (hit Del key over its heading) if that will help.
Updated to 7.11-4545 issue is still present.
will delete header now.
nope. speed is down to 106 MB/s.

Also disabled SMART monitoring, speed is back to stock!
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Sorry, I posted that before you updated the previous post.
So the issue is caused by monitoring of SMART status of the disk. This is not a HWiNFO issue, but issue in firmware of the drive. Querying the SMART status of a drive should not have an impact on its performance.
Can you advise me on what to do. Or to warn other users with this firmware that it's faulty or something?
This hard disk is pretty popular.
Toshiba P300 3 Tb.
To contact Toshiba would be lost between burocracy, like finding a needle in a haystack, main website does not offer contact info of dev team.
None of the vendors gives out direct contacts to the dev team. One needs to start with official support and push it thru a few levels (by dismissing their claims that everything is OK, you need to upgrade drivers or use only official tools, etc.) until they realize it's something important ;)
thank you for contacting the Toshiba Storage Products Division.

We generally do not support 3rd party software and are not aware of such a problem.

Please use smartmontools (Windows, Linux, MacOS) or CrystalDiskInfo (Windows) or other SMART diagnostic tools for an error report:


If no errors are shown please send us benchmark results with CrystalDiskbench or TxBench for example that can prove the mentioned performance loss.

For a contact with the development team, please ask the developer of the software to contact us directly.

Ok so i got this as answer, what now?
And if you disable only "ATA Statistics Support" option in HWiNFO?
Looking into options, i found a solution. I thought so, that querying smart status every 1 cycle is excessive. That is by default. Modified it to DISK smart every 5000 cycles and Emb Controller every 5000 cycles (idk what that is but just in case i set it too) and alas. speeds are back to factory speeds, no slowdowns.
Indeed, polling SMART so frequently is probably an overkill when the drive acts so. I'm considering to use a larger interval as default.
BTW the values you set (5000 cycles) when you use the default interval of 2 seconds will result in polling both SMART and EC every ~ 2.7 hours.