HWiNFO64_560 Sensors Freezes after few seconds


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Hi all,

Since last weekend I am in possession of a new pc I build with the Gaming 7 motherboard from Gigabyte, Intel 8700k CPU and some Corsair Vengeance DDR4 memory, all this is powered by an Corsair RM650 PSU. I'm still at my old GPU, the Nvidia GTX970 from EVGA.

I wanted to see how far I can push my system and wanted to read the sensor values with HWiNFO, but every time when I start the sensor read out freezes after a few seconds. Sometimes I can close the program and start up again with the same issues, but most of the time Windows won't shut down HWiNFO and won't even reboot in a normal way.

Only way to close down HWiNFO is to manually shut down the pc with the power switch, and then hoping it will start up normally again. The strange thing is that a friend of mine bought the exact same setup except for the GPU (He has an GTX1060), the PSU (Both Corsair RM, but mine has more power) and the M.2 SSD (mine has little more capicity). But he has no problems at all and HWiNFO is working fine.

Only HWiNFO freezes, the rest of Windows still works.

Could anyone please shine some light on my problem?

I've made a total of 3 debug files, the first one is after reboot while freeze, second before reboot after freeze and the third is (again) after reboot after freeze. As the site says the files where too big, I zipped them.


As first, please try to disable Drive Scan in HWiNFO settings and see if this will fix the problem.
Right before starting the scan press the Settings button and navigate to the Safety tab.
I've disabled the drive scan as you said and it seems to work. Before the program did not make it to 5 minutes and now it works multiple times to 45 min flawlessly.

Only question that remains, why was the program freezing on the drive scan? Is it only with particular drives? As the setting is standard set on 'on' I suppose that this is only with certain drives?
I'm not sure what exactly is causing this problem yet as HWiNFO reads only standard information from the drive.
It could be a problem of the drive firmware since it stops responding to a query.
You might also try to enable Drive Scan back and then disable only "ATA Statistics Support".