Inaccurate detection of NVMe and Memory configuration, Thinkpad P1 Gen4


Hi HWinfo members!!

I have a Thinkpad P1 Gen 4 with two NVMe devices.
The second NVMe drive is attached to an PCIeG3 bus with a max speed of 8GT/s, hence the System Summary view might lead you to believe it is running faster than it really is. (also see attached report for evidence).

Another small nitick from the report is this:
Physical Memory Array

Array Location:System board
Array Use:System memory
Error Detecting Method:None
Memory Capacity:128 GBytes
Memory Devices:4

This model has only 2 slots accessible with 64GBytes max size.


Thank you for any coment or consideration fur any future enhancement.



  • hwinfo-log-714tpp1g4.HTM
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Drive information in that window displays the capability of the drive and its interface, not the capability of system port where it's attached to.
The main window then shows further details:

Device Name:Samsung Electronics NVMe PCIe SSD Controller
Original Device Name:Samsung Electronics NVMe PCIe SSD Controller
Device Class:NVMe Controller
Revision ID:0
PCI Address (Bus: Device:Function) Number:6:0:0
PCI Latency Timer:0
Hardware ID:PCI\VEN_144D&DEV_A80A&SUBSYS_A801144D&REV_00
[PCI Express]
Maximum Link Width:4x
Current Link Width:4x
Maximum Link Speed:16.0 GT/s
Current Link Speed:8.0 GT/s
It would enhance the presentation if the System Summary Drives pane could indicate the Current Link Speed instead of Maximum Link Speed ? The green checkmark gives the impression signals that everything is fine.