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This morning 22c ambient watertemp 74c hotspot max doing quick 1 minute test, i remember current drivers have some issues so i roll back old driver some hardware stats are missing suddenly memory reads out incorrectly after reinstall
Hotspot starts reporting like 5 to 10c higher hotspot then radeon software more or less, at 23c ambient

Not sure whats going on but i am pretty sure hwinfo is to blame or something broken when i reinstalled my drivers perhaps ?

Anyway screenshot.

i usually have like 30c delta now recently my delta started going up for no reason at stock from 30 32 to 35 then to 40 i suspect hotspot reading is broken on the 7900 series
There is a gpu hotspots area that reports 79.6c while max reports 85.1 elsewhere so i suspect something broke.
I always prefer AMD adl readout

My card is a liquid devil 7900 XTX watercooled by a mo-ra3 420 since recently temps went down about 7c then after repaste went down some more, but then recently started going up now i noticed the readout seems bit weird cos usually gpu hot spot and hotspots match now they do not.
This card makes me paranoid already if delta suddenly starts going up i would assume delta stays the same regardless and does not suddenly go up by 5 or 10c for no reason, and i would assume it would not go up like this where it reports lower hotspot here and higher elsewhere.

edit: i may have fixed it already for some reason if you DDU and use it incorrectly it can break stuff and corrupt drivers, but if used correctly from safe mode it works fine now hotspots and and gpu hotspot closely match usually its only off by 1c and here i thought my gpu may need to be rma'd cos its litterally a furnace.

What i am used to and how it mostly behaved was 32c hotspot delta max and my hotspot being usually about +50c above watertemp so at 25c watertemp it should not instantly hit 80c hotspot for example or something is wrong altho i did recently make update to my loop and repaste
I will update if bug happens again.
While i had this bug many sensors where missing and reporting different values then usual

Looks like bad AMD driver install caused this and some missing sensors
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