Incorrect data when reading sensors in hwinfo64


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Hello, I ran into such a problem: sometimes the readings of the sensors are STRONGLY different from the real ones. Here is an example:
With the same stable load, the temperature of the SPD sensor jumps by ~15 degrees.
I found the reason for this behavior: For some reason, ~15 degrees from the reading of the previous reading step of the sensors are transferred to the current reading step.
That is, if our temperature is stable at a value of 47 degrees, then we have reading steps of this kind:
...47, 47, 47, 32, 62, 47, 47, 47 ...
Or even something like this:
... 47, 47, 47, 32, 47, 47, 62, 47, 47, 47..
I have a sensor polling period of 500ms.
The same problem occurs with other sensors, there are times when the voltage instead of 1.3V jumps to 16(!)V.


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Same as here:
you're probably having more errors with the higher polling rate.
I have mine set at 2 seconds and only have one or two spikes per day, if any.