incorrect voltage reading EVGA X99 motherboard


Hello guys,

HWinfo seems to misread most voltage values on my EVGA X99 Micro motherboard.

Here's a screenshot from the EVGA ELEET Tool. Those are the same Voltages shown in the UEFI.

These are the sensor readings in HWinfo

As you can see, the +12V is quite wrong, the DIMM voltages are missing and there are many readings non existent in the EVGA tool / UEFI.

Hope you can fix that. I'd be glad to help.



Thank you for your detailed report, this will be fixed in the next HWiNFO (Beta) build.
yes, the values shown in my screenshot are the same as the values in the EVGA software. But there are still a lot more values in HWiNFO, that are confusing (negative temperature etc.). But I simply disabled them.

I reviving my old thread. I updated my rig from a EVGA X99 Micro to a EVGA X99 Classified. The monitoring values seem mostly correct in HWinfo, but one fan speed is wrong by a factor of approx. 2. I attached a summary and debug report.


The "PWR Fan" should be corrected. Also I'm wondering what the entries VSEN1 and VSEN2 in HWinfo could be.


Thanks, I will fix this in the next build.
VSEN1/2 are general sensor inputs that might be connected to a real voltage rail, or might be just bogus.