Intel driver SATA sandy bridge bugs


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Hello all,

I just want to raise an issue I have with a DELL lx502 laptop that has

Intel sandy bridge + I7 2720QM
+ SSD Samsung 840 series

I have installed windows 10 and the latest Intel drivers... I think it was something like ver 14.5, downloaded on 08/13/15
I was not a good idea, because when the PC got idle, a BSOD appeared ... with 0% staying.. meaning that the OS is not able anymore to write any data on the disk (not able to write the dump file).

Then my attention focused on the controller driver and I decided to roll back to a previous version
Intel(R) 6 series /c200 from 07/25/2013 

And no BSOD anymore

This is really not acceptable from a company such as Intel ...
Is there other reports like this ?

I really wonder what added values brings this new release (except bugs)
Oh, I have seen so many issues with Intel RST that I can't even count them ;)
There are cases when these drivers are queried for disk information they cause a BSOD. This happens on some systems with specific drives and a certain RST version. Sometimes a new RST version is better, sometimes the opposite (they add new features for news systems, but also add bugs for other systems).
I have too experienced several issues when after a new RST install the system wasn't able to boot at all, etc..
This is amazing that Intel can produce such a bad quality software...
This is a huge company with lots of means... that can kill the user's PC with wrong software.
Are they aware about this ?
Such a low level driver can screw up totally the PC ... and make think this is an hardware issue.
What a shame on INTEL.
Well, I guess this is because they are a hardware company ;)
I think they are aware about this, but the more users submit problems to them, the more push to improve the quality.