Intel XTU Detection Crash on AMD EPYC 9004


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We recently ran HWINFO 7.63/7.64 on multiple AMD EPYC 9004 platforms (Supermicro/ASUS), with different CPU variants on Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 64-bit. On all platforms we saw random (not constant) crashes during Intel XTU detection at application startup. When a crash happens, the system entirely freezes for about 30s with the progress bar showing "Intel XTU", then the hardware resets itself and starts to reboot.
Hmm, this issue was known in earlier HWiNFO versions and should have been fixed some time ago.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the problem for analysis.
With debug mode enabled, the crash does not happen anymore. So either I was wrong and we accidently used an old version of HWiNFO (even if I was sure it were the two most recent ones), or it does not occur in debug mode. Anyway, I suggest to ignore my report until I can get it reproduced again for sure with the very latest version, and ideally in debug mode.
I think you used an older version of HWiNFO as I'm pretty sure this was fixed in v7.46.