Is my PSU within spec?


I've noticed while looking through my HWInfo sensors that my +12v and GPU VRM Voltage In numbers are dropping below 12v under load.  The +12v for the CPU seems to be holding up better with lows around 11.8v, but GPU 12v is dropping as low as 11.4v.  Is this within spec or should I be shopping for a new PSU?  The GPU is a Radeon RX 480 which drew max 150 watts, the CPU is an i5-2500k which drew max 67 watts.

Here's a picture of log from a 3DMark Firestrike benchmark I ran.

Here's a link to the whole log file if anyone is interested.

Advice would be appreciated.
11.8V is pretty normal, but 11.4V might be on the edge.. But you might seek a better advice at some dedicated forums, i.e.