Is possible tray icons change type of value when values are high ?


If selecting GPU Clock Frequency in tray icon when in idle the frequency is 400 MHz not having enough space will be displayed in little size and when frequency reach 1,1 GHZ will be displayed 1100 MHZ being little size being hard to read.
Is possible example GPU Card in idle is 400 MHZ and tray icon will be displayed 2 digits being 40 and when pointng mouse cursor pop up message being 400 MHZ and when GPU clock is 1100 MHZ in tray icon the type of value is changed from MHZ to GHZ being displayed 1,1 GHZ in tray icon and when pointing mouse cursor being 1,100 GHZ ?
Thanks for reply.
I not see an option to change the number of digits in tray icon having just for decimal digital.
For some values is used 4 digits being hard to read in tray icon.
An option to change number of digits will help.
Thanks for reply and have an nice day.
I will add an option to limit the number of digits in tray in the next (Beta) build.