Is the tctl/tdie being 10 to 15 degrees celsius warmer than cpu die and ccd1 normal? (Ryzen 3600x)



I've just noticed this recently but the temperature seems pretty warm. I'm using:

Ryzen 3600x with everything on auto

Wraith Prism Cooler

Noctua af120-x25 pwm rear exhaust fan

Two 140mm Arctic top exhaust fans

ASUS tuf wifi gaming x570 plus

32gb (2x16) teamforce vulcan 3200mhz ddr4

RTX 2070 Super Founders/Stock edition

Agesa bios

1usmus 1.1 ryzen balanced power plan.

Every fan is set to "Silent" in the bios menu.

Is this normal? The wraith prism cooler I put on back in November. Could the thermal paste already be going bad? I don't do that much to stress out the cpu.

Thank you very much.

Plus I don't know if it was recently or not but I noticed that prior to I'd say three days ago my tctl/tdie was never more than like four or five degrees above the cpu die average. I hope something isn't going on with my cpu.

Ok I'm looking this up and my temps I guess are hotter than they should be.

I've looked up people using the wraith prism cooler at stock settings on other setups and using the default stock settings they seem to be averaging about 10 Celsius lower than I am. Why is that? Is it because I'm using the default paste? It's not seated as properly on the cpu?

The switch on the side is in the "low" position btw.

Yeah I just did a 10 minute long cpu-z stress test (I know it's not really all that stressful of a test but I didn't want something super strenuous.) Tctl/Tdie was at 77.9c, cpu die was at 78.1, and ccd1 was at 79.3 so I'm sure I'm ok.

Plus I ran cinebench r15 three times in a row really quickly. Temps didn't go over 78c.

Although when I set all my case fans and prism to 100% speed and set the switch on the left from low to high at full speed no temps went above 73 celsius. Too loud though for just basically a 5 celsius reduction.

Cinebench r15 scores were 1600, 1602, 1605, and 1583 for silent setting on fans and low prism setting. Got 1620, 1622, and 1625 with all fans at 100% speed and prism on high speed setting. Still good for my setup?

Also I should note that I lost the backplate to mount the 3600x on my mobo. Clips don't have anything to latch onto either so it's basically strictly the built-in thermal paste that's keeping the cooler on the 3600x. I could probably contact Asus and get a new backplate but I'd have to remove and reinstall everything again and I'm fine with the current setup sitting on it's side.

I'm not going to bother with doing all of that until or unless I get a new cpu/gpu/ram/ssd/etc.
Tctl value is the instant temperature among the entire CPU including IOD. The others are averaged values that should be covering the CPU cores only.
I usually trust this software but up until about three days or so ago (Been using this version of HWinfo since February 1st), the tctl/tdie was never more than like four or five ahead of the other two. Lately I've seen it be more like up to 25 degrees ahead of the other two. Has me worried something might be wrong with my CPU or cooler.

Usually I wouldn't be worried about stuff like this but with the quarantine and not being able to go out as much etc. it's left me to obsess over my computer.

From what you're saying though that's normal? Will that affect the fan/boost performance? I mean the temperatures do even out when I run cinebench or cpu-z to within maybe 2 degrees celsius of each other but that massive difference when lower temperature has me a bit worried.
A difference of 25 C is quite much and doesn't seem to be normal. Show the values in graphs over a short period of time and compare the difference. Tctl usually makes short spikes a couple of degrees above the average values.
That looks quite as expected if the IOD is loaded more. Also the total average values (most right column) show a difference of 7 C only.
So that's nothing to be worried about? I just noticed the last few days that the tctl/tdie temperature is higher than it used to be.

Plus the fact that I have to turn on 100% fan speed and switch the prism from low to high just to get between 1620 and 1625 on my 3600x is a bit alarming. I mean I'm getting 1600 average otherwise and all the reviews I've read seem to at stock settings and even with the default spire cooler have registered about 1630 to 1640. I know that's only a 2 to 3 percent difference but still.

Plus the current temp at that time was 12.7 celsius over the cpu die and 13.9 celsius over the ccd1 tdie.
Get the latest beta version of HWiNFO64. If I remember correctly the 4060 was giving me also false PROCHOT CPU and HTC "Yes".
I have 3600(nonX)
OP: are those temps at idle? If so, that's pretty hot IMO.

Ryzen 5 3600x on auto
every setting stock really
MSI x470 gaming plus
RX480 (don't shame me)
NH-D14 cooler
apartment ambient temp is 77 (I'm cheap)