CPU (Tctl/Tdie) showing red but temp ok


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Apologies, i am a bit of a noob on a learning curve. I have now twice experienced a significant slowdown in performance of my Legion 5 R7 5800h and RTX 3070 and i use HWinfo to guide me on when she needs a clean out of fans etc.

This problem appears when temps are seemingly fine and the laptop under very little load. The CPU Tctl/Tdie is only showing at circa 50c but is shown in red on HWINFO sensor panel. It also shows as if it is significantly over thermal load but is in the 50-55c range.

A quick restart and everything is fine again but it would begood to know if anyone else has experienced this or if there is an underlying issue?


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It looks like your CPU has the Thermal Limit set very low - watch that values in sensors.
You can also right-click on the CPU (Tctl/Tdie) value and choose Customize values.. What's in "Red color (critical) if value >" ? This should be the current temperature limit set in the CPU - 5C.
Thanks for having a look. When i restart the PC that single specific CPU temp remains roughly 50-55c but is no longer red and the thermal limit % returns to normal, it seems to be the thermal limit is changing at some point to drive the high % when the temp is stable. Really strange.
Could be a BIOS problem or some power management component that adjusts the temperature limit on the fly. Try to upgrade the BIOS and all drivers.