Latest manufactured nzxt kraken not recognized (rewrite)

You're right, the CAM Service is installed and running. However, when I exit CAM soft and then stop CAM service, relaunch the HWiNFO without CAM soft and service launced it behaves the same.


Sorry but you didn't open the sensors window. Please make sure the Sensors window is active for some while, you can also try to expand/collapse the node so that grey values will appear. I need this situation to be captured in the DBG file.
It might be worth mentioning that in order for Sensors window to stop working with delays I should deactivate not only the sensors themselves but also the "node header" which does not show any readings. Only when I deactivate sensors and the node header itself the HWiNFO stops introduce delays when I expand/collapse other node headers. I don't know how come and why the node header (it does not poll anything, right?) influence the responsiveness of the interface in the same way as the sensors do.

I can see that the problem is because the cooler often doesn't return data, hence HWiNFO times out waiting for a response.
I'd suggest that you try to update the firmware in the cooler, that might help. I think CAM had such a feature..
As far as I learned from the Kraken X63 and X73 reviews on Youtube, the CAM software checks for firmware and software updates automatically each time it is launched, many people were angry that CAM doesn't provide option to not install Firmware update right away. Currently I've got Firmware Version 2.1 as shown by CAM Software and I can't see any option to even check the new version not to say to update firmware manually.

A link on the subject matter on Reddit

The CAM Software version is 4.45.3 which I suppose is the latest one.

On their web-site I can only download Manual in Support section. No Firmware download or even certain information which version is currently the latest.

Also, may be this GitHub page will be in any help to you

Support for NZXT Kraken Z63 and Z73

It is said that "It seems that this device simultaneously uses two interfaces" so I wonder if this or any other info on the page can assist you to understand why the pump seems to return data properly to CAM Software and doesn't want to make it properly for HWiNFO :(

You do a great work TBH! I use HWiNFO for such a long time and it's a great app!
I checked this in more detail and don't see any issue on my side. The only thing I can do now is to reduce the timeout. This should result in a more swift response but probably more frequent grey values.
It won't solve the problem so I believe everything might stay as it is. I wonder what that could be if even CAM soft and service is not running... I do understand that it is not HWiNFO fault but what's causing this issue anyway? Do you have any assumptions? Could it be the Firmware alone?
Sorry, I don't know why this happens.
HWiNFO sends a command to the cooler to return the status and waits for it to respond. But in many cases the device won't respond even with a 1.5 second timeout.
I've got an idea. You are the man who does have a respect over the world for your HWiNFO. All the IT professionals rely on it. So I might assume that if you would address with official letter to NZXT they might provide you with the comprehensive answer which might lead to (including but not limiting to):

1. Possibility to understand what is the specific of AIO Pump work/Firmware because in some or another way CAM Soft is able to get this info without any issue.
2. Change the firmware in a way other soft would not have issues getting respective information on the status of hardware.

I believe having the issues with only their hardware in such a great world wide known software is not in the best interest of NZXT so there is a high probability that they will help in one way or another.

However, I do understand and highly respect the fact that you spend your own time to develop this soft and you might consider otherwise. You've already made a great thing developing this project.