Log file

Hi. Sorry my english is not so good. Question, can I select individual sensors to be included in the log? There are far too many unnecessary sensors for me that are then in the log.
Ahh thanks. how about one or more preset profiles? I analyze logs for other users via HWinfo, it will be difficult to explain to them which logs should be activated.
for example profile 1 CPUmhz CPUtemp CPUload GPUmhz GPUtemp GPUload
to analyze for system crashes or FPS drops, voltage fluctuations from the power supply....
Since each computer has a different set of sensors, such preset would work only for a system of the same configuration.
Moin. If scanning HWinfo my board , he knows the name of the board an he knows the sensors. Than is possible make a Profile for any sensors to the log? HWinfo show me and he know Sensor A1234 is “load CPU „ where is now the problem of profiles?
It's not just the board but everything else too. You can do a Backup User settings in HWiNFO that will export all settings including the logging flag.
It's more about being able to set up ignorant users I help with HWinfo as easily as possible so that I can analyze it from home.
For such case it's not easy to create an universal script that would work for so many different configurations and types of sensors.
You might rather request a full sensor log and then selectively analyze using something like: