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Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I started using HWiNFO recently, as a replacement for HWMonitor. I must say I am very happy with it so far, especially the sensor portion of the program. There are, however, some improvements I believe would be useful for other users as well:

1. Option to change logging delimiter character. Right now, it is comma, and it appears that logged values only have decimal, and not thousands separator. So, when default decimal separator is used, everything is fine. But if I change it to comma (which is common in some languages/cultures) there are suddenly too many commas to make a readable file. So, ability to change log delimiter character would be great.
2. Ability to choose sensors that will be logged separately from those that are displayed in program, similarly to how layout, system tray and other options have separate tabs.
3. Ability to select multiple entries in layout and other tabs (using Ctrl or Shift) and then make changes to all of the selected items at once.

I hope I didn't duplicate any of the suggestions (I did a quick search through the forums), or ask for the stuff that is already available, but I somehow missed it. Thanks!
Thank you, I believe your suggestions are good and useful, so I'll put them into my to-do list.
New HWiNFO32/64 v5.33-2910 Beta adds the option to specify a custom logging (CSV) delimiter.
Did a quick test. The CSV delimiter works as intended. However, it appears that I was wrong when I said that only decimal separators appear in the log, and not the thousands separators. It seems that only '.' character goes into the log, regardless of what kind of separator it is (if any). For example, I set ';' as CSV delimiter, '.' as thousands, and ',' as decimal separator. I got CPU temp of 405, when it obviously should be 40,5. I will do some more testing, and I will let you know if I come up with anything useful.

Also, another suggestion: maybe allow special characters for delimiter, such as tab (\t), even though I am quite happy with the ability to make it ';'.
Are you sure about that? The CSV log gets the number as displayed in the sensors screen (so with your custom decimal separator) and without the thousands separator.
I attached my .ini file, short .csv log and a screenshot of the sensors window if you wish to check them out. Virtual Memory Committed,  Available and Load are first values where you can notice the separator issue.

Possibly unrelated: when I first ran the beta, some of the settings carried over from the previous version, specifically the CPU temp tray icon, but the two versions are in different folders (I guess it's stored in registry or somewhere in AppData).


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Thanks. I found the bug and will fix it immediately.
Let me know if this issue is urgent for you and I can send you a fixed version. Otherwise it will be released in the next beta schedule.