Lost dGPU sensors


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Hi Martin,
I just woke up this morning and found that my dgpu sensors not showing in sensor windows, but rainmeter seems can take some sensor (ex. 'dgpu temp') from hwinfo64. Restarting hwinfo64 not helping.
I sent you debug file and desktop screenshot and may be could take a look whats happening.


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Ok.. restarting PC didnt help too, turned out i must shut down first that restart again..
So what do you think? is this windows problem?
Hmm, your dGPU has somehow completely disappeared everywhere - not visible on PCI bus, in OpenCL devices and I can't even see it in device list. Does Device Manager show it?
one more thing..
suddenly rainmeter doesnt show sensor values from hwinfo64 , to show so i must then check 'Shared memory support' Is this normal?
Depends on which plugin/interface for Rainmeter are you using. There are (older ones) using Shared Memory or newer options that work via the Gadget/registry interface.
Hi Martin,
now can reproduce dgpu lost, it always happens after exit to desktop, PC gets freeze and then restarted.


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Is this HWINFO64 can make workaround SAM or i just disabled that options?. Some game just stutter anyway :p
HWiNFO cannot make such a change/workaround. This needs to be fixed either in BIOS or drivers.