Mac Pro 2012 PCIe Aux Power Reading for GPU


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Hi Folks,

HWiNFO application is phenomenal, and I am a newbie at this application. I find that some sensor descriptions are not addressed in laymen term, while in Mac Pro 2012 bootcamp. So if someone doesn't mind helping, could you plz locate the reading for PCIe Aux A and B in Watt or A for GPU? And power reading in Watt or A for PCIe x16 1.1 slot #1 that GPU is inserted? I'm in research for power usage relationship between new GPUs and cMP.

Additionally, I'd love to learn more the application. Is there instruction manual or web resources? Thank you so much.

PCIe Aux A and B
HWiNFO SMC Sensor Reading
HWiNFO GPU Sensor Reading
I'm not sure if those values can be monitored.
All values you see under the Apple SMC sensor and proprietary and Apple-specific. While we managed to decode a few of them, the meaning of lots of those are still unknown to us and that's why they are shown as abbreviations in parenthesis only. I'm afraid I can't help here much, you might get a better advice from Apple or on their forums.